This page is dedicated to answering questions. If you still have a question after reading this page, feel free to write a comment below or message us via the contact tab. 

Can I share your releases?
Yes, it's allowed to upload our files elsewhere, but please credit us - and remove all content if a series gets licensed. By no means must the credit pages be removed from our releases, and do not take credit for our work. Thank you for understanding. Also, please wait 24 hours from release before uploading elsewhere.

How often do you make releases?
We strive to release a chapter approximately every two weeks. We don't make releases more often, since this group consists of only one translator and one editor, and we're not planning on expanding.

Are you recruiting staff (editors, translators...)?
As mentioned previously, we're not planning on expanding, so we're not recruiting staff at the moment, no.

Can I scanlate your projects in another language?
Yes, but we'd like to evaluate your translating and editing skills first. If you would like to scanlate a project of ours in another language, you can get in touch with us via the contact tab.

Please note that Clockwise has gotten permission to scanlate Barairo no Hoo no Koro and 2 Shuukan no Adventure in Spanish from our releases. 

Why are you going to do a project another group has also picked up?
If you discover that any of our future or current projects are also done by another scanlation group, please tell us. We do not purposely pick up a project another group will be doing, so any information about such occurrences will be very much appreciated.

Will you only be scanlating yaoi/shounen-ai?
Nope, but most of our current and future projects at the moment fit under those genres. Who knows what we will pick in the future? This group isn't fixed on a specific genre. We just scanlate manga we find interesting.


  1. Hi Guys, I was wondering what the font you guys use is called? The one on your credits page if it's not much to ask

    1. It's not really a secret, so here we go; DK Harimau (http://www.dafont.com/dk-harimau.font) is used for everything except for the "Oriolidae & Sparviero Scanlations" (and a little side note), where Swingset BB (http://www.dafont.com/swingset-bb.font) is used.

  2. Just wondering, how will you evaluate translating skills? ('cuz if someone from Turkey sent you a refuest than how? sorry, I can't imagine it 8'D)

    1. Haha, yeah true. We make an evaluation of translation skills if we know the language (incidentally Sparviero knows quite a few languages), but we've already had requests from a Russian and a Vietnamese scanlation group (languages we don't speak), and in those cases we just have to trust their translation skills.

  3. Hey, are you guys still translating work? I miss you guys :)