February 20, 2011

K no Souretsu by Kusumoto Maki

This manga is one of my favourites. The artwork is really, really nice! I end up looking at each page for too long, haha. Well, there are only a few wallpapers from K no Souretsu, but I'll make some more later on. To get some information on K no Souretsu, visit Manga-Updates. Click on the images to view full size. The wallpaper below depicts the person who collects the Morkwall. Want to know what that is? Dunno. Ah, and the person's name is unknown.

All credit goes to Kusumoto Maki - and Storm in Heaven for the scans. Please do not use these wallpapers in any public relations without giving credit to them.

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  1. Wow! this is one of my favourite manga too!! The mangaka, she's truly one of a kind. Thanks for these!