July 13, 2012

Wallpaper: J no Subete

While you're waiting for the next release, I thought you might want a wallpaper with some of Nakamura Asumiko's artwork. This is just a weird assumption, since I want to stick her artwork all over the place. On the fridge, the loo, on the butt, wherever it is possible! I chose J no Subete artwork, since that's what I'm cleaning/editing at the moment.

Open the wallpaper in a new window to view full size (1280x800).If you really wish for another wallpaper format (and don't know how to make it yourself), you can try to ask nicely in a comment.

On another note, Sparviero and I have decided to schedule our releases, since we're both busy university folks (or at least Sparviero is, I don't know if I've been admitted yet, hahaha). Now we will be releasing a chapter approximately every two weeks. That means that chapter 04 of Barairo no Hoo no Koro will be released around this Wednesday. Cheers!


  1. Guys, I don't know if you heard but J no Subete has been scanlated the whole volume here @ http://echochi.pure-desire.net/2012/08/to-the-other-world-happy-801-2/

    1. Yeah... It's pretty sad that this happened. We'll see how it goes from here.